Okay... the broiler... I think of it as pushing the flavors back into your project. I get it, you want to be outside cooking because you can show off to your neighbors' noses. Sometimes you've gotta switch it up.

My first advice is to measure the oven so you're not stuck with a door that won't close 'cause you got the biggest sheet-pan avilable. Use tinfoil, you'll thank me later.

Okay, we are going to assume it's chicken because who broils a perfectly good cow? 

The prep: 1st question; skin on or off? Season the way you like it, or get some of my Loud Rub, and let languish in the fridge overnight. If you are going with breasts (and why wouldn't you?) you can inject them now with a brine of EFF ME! and apple juice. Cover the whole pan with foil and broil for 15 mins at 400. Remove foil, flip, sprinkle with brown sugar and drizzle with your fave EFF ME! flavor. 

Proceed to table, enjoy!

Alright, admit it... you have grill skills your friends are envious of. You agonize over beef, pork or chicken. You're torn between thighs and breasts. You mutter to yourself  while critically inspecting the offerings of side and baby backs. You dally over the cooler bunk hefting loins and imagining the nomnomnom-age to ensue.

Now, take your kill and get it ready for the flame. This is what you do... trim it if needed, rub it like you love it and get it on the Q. We both know you know what you're doing so the last advice I have for you is to get it to the second flip over and apply EFF ME! liberally. Plate it up, take the compliments graciously and stuff your face!

Enjoy, you deserve it.

Okay, let's face it... if you use a smoker you are always looking for the most flavour bang you can slap on the meat dujour. Let me help... If you have pork loin (like, why wouldn't you?) you are going to have a party in your mouth by injecting the loin with Eff Me right after the brine-ing of your choice. Rub it generously with my Loud Rub and wrap it for the night.

Get up early, like noon, and fire up the smoker. Low and slow is the goal here. I usually go 225 for an hour before opening the smoker for a mop job. When you see the injection sites oozing flavour juices I would slop a generous amount of Eff Me on the whole works and turn the meat log over for another hour.

Remove it from the smoker when it's time and tent it with tin foil and a towel. Get out the sharpest knife you have and cut into 1 inch cubes. Start nom-ing.

seriously good on everything ‚Äč(seriously)

THE grill,

and the broiler.


From baby back ribs, to smoked beef rouladen, to Eff Me BBQ wings, and pulled pork, we have the sauce your tastebuds will be screaming for. Once you have a bottle of Eff Me in your fridge rest assured nothing will ever be the same without it. It's addicting, it makes your finger taste good, and you won't be able to stop thinking about what you're going to put it on next. Happy experimenting!